The central theme of the artist's work revolves around the mobilization of collective emotions in everyday life. This theme is deeply influenced by the artist's personal experience of continual migration, which is an ever-flowing journey. Additionally, the artist explores the ever-evolving state of social development and the fluidity of image consciousness. These aspects also contribute to the blurring and fragmentation of the artist's identity.

To express their artistic experiences, the artist employs performance, engages with the public, creates installations, produces videos, and utilizes various media forms.


Qing Lu  

aka. Yong Zeng

Born 1989 in Hunan, China

lives and works  in Berlin, Germany


2020-2023 Berlin Weißensee School of Art, Fine Art / Meisterschüler

2015-2020 Berlin Weißensee School of Art, Fine Art / Prof. Hannes Brunnen

2009-2013 Sichuan Fine Arts Institute, Fine Art / Chinese Painting Speciality


 'Rime Amare’, KA32 project space, Berlin German
'The moving Berlin Wall-Elementary Education‘, performance, Berlin German


'Yesterday was a new day’, GINKGO SPACE, Beijing China
'Song of the Rangers/Siddhartha’, solo Project, PLATESPACEx 88Bar, Beijing China

'Water and Dreams: The Presence of Manifestation’,  Back Lake Art Week, ChangSha China
'Stratum’, solo Project, Organhaus, ChongQing China

‘Manifasta/13’, Lockblock/ Musée Regards de Provence, Berlin/ Marseille

'thread’, MIPAF Macau Performance Art Festival, Macau China
'Our Voices’, Yi art institute, HeFei China
 'Yellow Reflection’, Galerie Liusa Wang, Paris French
‘Dao’, Bad Saarow, Brandenburg German
'Bunker Publication’, Berlin German