High School Essay Workbook


In Chinese elementary, middle, and high school classrooms,
 it's common to see famous quotes and sayings from  both 
Chinese and foreign celebrities, such as Beethoven. When
 we start learning a foreign language, we often annotate 
them in Chinese.

I also used the same method and transliterated a quote by 
Beethoven that was once posted in my classroom. I wrote
 it in my high school essay.

Moss, Iron,Styrofoam


In traditional Chinese gardens, bonsai with pine trees are 
often seen, while antennas serve as tools for receiving 
information. I have combined these two distinct elements
 to create a metallic-textured device. Through this device,
 I aim to convey a phenomenon in modern society where 
the information we receive contains not only contemporary 
elements but also traditional imagery. This has prompted 
my contemplation and focus on how to understand Chinese
 tradition, which has been an ongoing theme for me.


Chinese Painting Ink, Chinese Painting Pigment, Silk


In the current art education system in China, students 
typically receive training in drawing plaster geometric 
shapes. Even if they specialize in traditional Chinese 
painting, this training is still essential. However, this 
drawing technique has its origins in the Soviet Union,
 and the use of plaster geometric shapes for training
 may have been introduced to China from France.
photos: Tao Sui and Jiaao Yu